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A vibrant and touching children's picture book about foster care, adoption and growing up in a diverse family.

Why does Jasmine always have hundreds and thousands at her birthday parties and what makes her super special? You’re invited to some of her best birthday parties to find out…


In We Love You Hundreds and Thousands, Jasmine shows us that it’s the simple things in life that make you extra happy and that being fostered or adopted is a wonderful thing!

This unique children’s picture book is a window into the life of a diverse family and an insight into the special bond between a child and their foster or adoptive parents. It will support parents, families, friends, classrooms and communities to talk about foster care and adoption in an open and loving way.

We Love You Hundreds and Thousands also enables children who are fostered and adopted to frame their identity in a positive way from a very young age. Written by an adoptee who is now a mother, this vibrant and touching story is about belonging and having a strong sense of self.

Just beautiful

Bright, colourful, heartwarming - I love it! This is a gorgeous, positive story about birthday parties and love in adopted/fostered families.


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