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"Thank you thank you thank you! Thank you for writing We Love You Hundreds and Thousands! I have been on the search for a book about adoption that is about love and belonging and an expanded sense of family — you wrote the book I have been looking for. It is so incredibly gorgeous. I love everything about it — the repeated phrase about love, the celebration of the mystery of the humans we welcome into our families, the celebration of birth parents, and the reframing of what it means to be family, to be adopted, to belong....I know this will be a book we will read together again and again and again."

Sarah Sentilles, Author

- Author of 'Stranger Care' 
and 'Draw Your Weapons'

"The book We Love You Hundreds and Thousands carries a message that every young adoptee needs to hear. This beautiful story explores the unconditional love that exists between adoptive parents and their child. I wish I had this book when I was a young girl to help me navigate my sense of self and belonging. I know that this book is going to educate, inspire and nurture young adoptees around the world. I am so excited to share this book with friends, family and especially my own children, so they can better understand the relationship I had with my parents."

Nicky, Adoptee

- Mum of Jin (age 9) and Leo (age 7)

"When I first read We Love You Hundred's and Thousands I was overwhelmed. Never had I read a book which spoke to contemporary adoption and permanent care so well. Through my networks of foster and adoptive parents I often hear of primarily school children struggling with telling their friends that they don't live with their birth parents. These children see themselves as being just like all of the other children at school and they are proud of who they are. But their friends often don't know how to react. This book speaks to those children. It speaks to their friends. It speaks to the parents of those friends. It is a book I love to read with my adoptive and biological children and a book I share with my family and friends who have connections with adoption or permanent care."


- Mum of Hope (age 6), Abigail (age 3)
and Stevie (age 3) 

As an adoptive parent to an amazing little lady who is asking more and more questions about her story this lovely book couldn’t be more helpful. Dara has managed to capture some of the magic of these interactions between adoptive parents and child, as all of us journey through finding the right words and actions that speak to the special relationship that we have. As an adoptive family we strive to value and honour the precious place and importance of birth family in our children’s lives. Dara lets us into these special family birthday moments in a playful way and begins to unravel some of the importance of birth family connection within a secure forever family. We still have so much more room to grow and stretch into a better understanding of foster care and adoption in Australia and this book can begin to help all of our families understand some of the wonderful ways that our unique families can uphold the significance of every part and player in our children’s stories. A beautiful story Dara, thank you.

Liz, Art Teacher

- Mother of 3

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